Set Menu

For whom this type of menu is suitable

To make this type of menu are required at least 10 people.
They are ideal for Communion, Confirmation, Baptism, Graduation, Conviviality between friends and relatives and any other occasion.

The choice of menu must be the same for all people at the table, except for children and allergy problems

All raw materials used in this type of menu are the same as those normally used in restaurants

— Menu Proposals —


Summer Appetizer
(available only from May to September)
(Onion flan, Burrata olives and cherry tomatoes, Carpaccio of pork loin with parmesan shavings, Crostone of sausage cooked in a wood oven)
Appetizer Casa Chianti
((Flan of onions, Carpaccio of pork loin with parmesan shavings, Crostone of sausage cooked in a wood oven, Tuna of Chianti )
Classic Appetizer
(Sliced meats of San Donato farm, San Gimignano cheese, Croutons of bread toasted in the wood oven with sauces, Crostone of sausage of San Miniato)

First courses

(As a format of pasta we use Pici, Tagliatelle or Maccheroncini all homemade)

Lasagnetta of Cinta Senese or seasonal vegetables
Crespelle alla fiorentina, with ricotta cheese, spinach, béchamel and tomato sauce
Homemade pasta on Norcino’s ragout, that is Tuscan pork ragout with Tuscan herbs
Homemade pasta with poor man’s sauce or with onion, capocollo and sage
Homemade pasta with wild boar or hare ragout
Homemade pasta with guinea fowl ragout with herb bread crumbs
Homemade pasta with meat sauce of the sharecropper or potatoes, fennel, onion and sage
Homemade pasta with ragout of the bandit, or with pork ragout and wild mushrooms
Homemade ravioli stuffed with potatoes with a sauce of your choice from those above (extra charge 1,90 €)
Homemade Pici with ragout of norcino and Truffle of the Season (supplement 2,90 €)
Summer May/September:
Ravioli filled with burrata cheese on a pesto sauce, parmesan cheese, basil and cherry tomatoes (+1,90 €)

Second dishes

Grilled on the grill with Chicken of Montespertoli, sausage, guinea fowl and roast beef
(If you want to add the grilled beef tagliata to the grill, 1 portion at 18 €.
of 280 gr that you can divide 1 every ¾ people)
Chicken of Montespertoli baked in the wood oven boned and stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and thyme
Pork fillet baked in a wood-fired oven with walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes; in the summertime it can be made alternatively with peaches, apricots or figs
Guinea fowl boned and stuffed with prosciutto and sage
Tuscan pork loin cooked in the wood oven with apples and vinsanto
Peposo of beef muscle cooked in wood-fired oven, ancient recipe from Impruneta
Beef stew cooked in the wood oven in the old way

Two side dishes of your choice

Onions cooked under ashes in the wood oven
Real potatoes cooked in the wood oven with rosemary
White beans cooked in the crock with extra virgin olive oil
Mixed salad with cherry tomatoes and olives


Greedy palette with mixed homemade desserts selected by Casa Chianti: shortbread and chocolate delight with berries, lemon tart, tiramisu and panna cotta with seasonal jam.

If you want to add to the palette a taste of homemade Cheesecake (extra charge of 6 € per portion to be divided into 3/4 people and on the Cheesecake you can add hot chocolate or a seasonal jam)

Desserts for birthdays and special occasions can be served on a wooden palette with personalized chocolate writing in order to make an original surprise to the guest of honor.

In the event that the cake is brought from outside, it must be provided with a receipt and list of ingredients in accordance with the HACCP regulations in force, it should also be noted that no type of amount is deducted from the final bill.

The glass of Happiness

Do not forget to book the glass of happiness to make your moment unique and unforgettable. At the time of the surprise dessert, a special 80 cm tall glass will be brought to the guest to make an exceptional toast and elect the guest as a true star!
For children the toast is made with non-alcoholic drinks.

Menu price

Menu “Pleasure at the Tuscan Table”
Appetizer + 1 First course + Second course + Dessert
House wine and water
Coffee and limoncello and bitter selected by Osteria di Casa Chianti

45 €

Menu “Delights in Tuscany”
Appetizer + 2 First course +1 Second course + Dessert
House wine and water
Coffee and limoncello and bitter selected by Osteria di Casa Chianti

50 €

Years 0-6 free
Years 7/9 pay 50%
from 10 years and more are considered adults

Useful information

We thank you in advance to let us know the presence of celiac disease, vegetarian or other forms of food intolerance
The confirmation of the final number of participants must be confirmed at least 5 days before the event, and with this confirmation is also fixed the minimum number of paying participants.

March 8th
Serata Spensierata tra Amiche

Una serata tra amiche, in un ambiente tranquillo
per passare una serata all’insegna della spensieratezza.