Emotions of wine, rum and distillates

Uncorking and opening a bottle is a simple gesture that allows you to discover tastes and flavors tied to a territory, but not only, because it allows you to get in touch with a dream born in the mind of the producer.

What you are about to see is a collection of dreams, selected among thousands of producers scattered in many parts of the world, which have to tell stories and make you take a journey among the senses of taste completely original and exciting.

Wine Selection

The wine list of Osteria di Casa Chianti is composed by more than 260 labels which have been selected during the years mainly in the territory of Tuscany.

It is a collection which originated with an idea shared with producer friends, in fact the goal is to offer the possibility to discover small and original realities far from the mass market. During the research we have discovered stories that deserve to be told and shared.

Selection of Rum and Distillates

Everything was born from a glass of rum that then became a bottle and with the passing of the years has turned into a beautiful collection of the most renowned of the Italian scene.

There are more than twenty labels researched and selected to make you discover unique and original flavors, served at the table according to the ritual of the glass filled with hot water and a nice selection of signature chocolate.

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Distillates' secrets

March 8th
Serata Spensierata tra Amiche

Una serata tra amiche, in un ambiente tranquillo
per passare una serata all’insegna della spensieratezza.