The Art of Grilling

Cooking or grilling with fire is a cooking system that allows to give food incomparable flavors and fragrances. The Tuscan culinary tradition has always been linked to this method of cooking that in slang is called “…on the grill” and is synonymous with very pleasant moments related to the preparation of family meals. This cooking method, which is slowly getting more and more lost, has allowed the creation of hundreds of typical dishes, some of which have become famous all over the world, such as the Florentine steak.

Cooking on the grill is ideal not only to rediscover cooking with fire, but also to savor our true tradition of the past linked to the stories of the countryside. For barbecuing, wood from the surrounding woods is selected.

The Axe of the Knights Templar

The Ascia dei Cavalieri Templari is available from the third Monday of October until the end of April.

The Ascia dei Cavalieri Templari arrives on Monday and is limited edition, therefore reservations are strongly recommended.

IIn a historical context that goes from 1100 to 1300, the weapons had a purely offensive and defensive context and among the equipment of the Knight Templar we also find the Axe. It is a unique experience in limited edition that consists of a real axe of beef bone selection Garronese 48/52 cm long with 1.3/1.7 kg of meat, unique in its kind, because free of cortisone and antibiotics.

The cooking is done exclusively on wood embers made at the moment, with wood coming from the woods of the Chianti hills. It is served on special handmade wooden cutting boards, and is accompanied with the precious drops of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Knights Templar axe is a Limited Edition and must be reserved at the time of booking by specifying in the notes

Welcome Knight Templar!.

The Florentine Steak

The origins of the Florentine steak is a story almost as old as the city of Florence, and it is a story linked to the Medici family. At that time, in fact, it was the custom of the Lords to light large bonfires in the Florentine squares for the feast of San Lorenzo when people poured into the streets waiting to watch the spectacle of shooting stars. People gathered around huge braziers drinking wine and delighting their palate with the succulent veal that was offered to them by the Florentine Lords.

Some English merchants present at the celebrations found this meat so good that they started to ask for more of it shouting loudly: Beef Steak!!! Hence the term Bistecca…alla fiorentina, because this dish is for Florence and its inhabitants a love story, a tradition that we are proud of, an authentic gastronomic excellence.

The meat of the Florentine steak is selected from the loin of a calf, slaughtered between 12 and 24 months of age and the minimum weight to be served at the table is 1.2 kg cooked strictly on the grill.

The red bare-necked chicken of Montespertoli

Among the various little-known specialties of the Tuscan hills is the red bare-necked chicken of the Cinelli di Montespertoli selection. It is particular because you can notice the absence of feathers in the upper part of the neck.

The meat is healthy and very tasty, thanks both to the natural movement on the ground and to the careful feeding based on soy, cereals and without animal meal. The growth takes place in a natural way, without the use of growth promoters or antibiotics.

The leg is boned, marinated and then cooked on the grill.

The pigeon of Montespertoli

Pigeon is a much sought after dish, especially the one cooked on wood embers. We have always processed this type of meat, but our world changed when we started to process the selection of Cinelli di Montespertoli.

The difference is given by the care with which these pigeons are made to grow, in fact it is decisive for the good quality a healthy diet and the possibility of natural movement.

We propose it cooked on wood embers with a few sprigs of rosemary and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. You decide the cooking, in fact there are those who prefer it crispier and therefore cooked more and those who prefer it softer and therefore less cooked.

There are some loyal customers who travel more than 130 km to eat pigeon on the grill.


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