The Cuisine Toscana

The kitchen is based on the philosophy of the art of simplicity, that is to select the best local raw food, prepared with care and respect without complicated preparations.

Every day pasta, bread and schiacciata are prepared in the kitchen and all the recipes used are prepared according to local tradition. Some preparations are reinterpreted using seasonal ingredients.

We offer a selection of historical dishes made with ingredients that we find all year round, while in the various rooms we have blackboards where dishes made with seasonal ingredients are suggested.

Homemade desserts

When we opened Osteria di Casa Chianti we decided that all desserts had to be homemade, using stone-ground flour, real eggs and natural flavorings. From here were born historical desserts such as lemon tart, chocolate delight and tiramisu school pavesino. Cantuccini are made following an ancient family recipe. Every week new desserts are suggested on the blackboard. A very important detail is that we do not use packaged toppings because all jams are homemade with seasonal fruit as well as the accompanying chocolate sauce.

March 8th
Serata Spensierata tra Amiche

Una serata tra amiche, in un ambiente tranquillo
per passare una serata all’insegna della spensieratezza.