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Homemade Desserts

Lemon Tart
6.00 €

Chocolate Delight
6.00 €

Pavesino School Tiramisu
6.00 €

The glotton
(two people)
15.00 €

Homemade Cantuccini

Homemade Cantuccini
5.00 €
Cantuccini with Vin Santo “Poggio Alloro” – San Gimignano
9.00 €

Cantuccini with Vin Santo “Rocca di Castagnoli” – Gaiole in Chianti
13.00 €

Cantuccini with Vin Santo “Rocca di Montegrossi” – Gaiole in Chianti
16.00 €

Rum and Chocolate

Rum and Chocolate Tasting “Silver” Selection
(6 cl divided into three tasting glasses)

2 cl of Botran White
2 cl of your choice of Ron Maja, Barbados, Jamaica, Clement VSOP, Dos Maderas 5+5
2 cl of your choice among Cubaney 21 years, Botran 18 years, Ryoma, Clement XO
13 €

Rum and Chocolate Tasting “Golden” Selection
(6 cl divided into three tasting glasses)

2 cl of your choice of Ron Maja, Barbados, Jamaica, Clement VSOP, Dos Maderas 5+5
2 cl to be chosen among Cubaney 21 years old, Botran 18 years old, Ryoma, Clement XO
2 cl choice of Cubaney 25 years, Conde de Cuba 15 years, Kirk and Sweeney 23 years
16 €

Rum and Chocolate Tasting “Platinum” Selection
(3 glasses of 2 cl to choose between)

Centenario – Unhiq – Diplomatico – Homère – Millonario – Panama
21 €

Tastings and Experiences

Sweet Wines “Muffato against Sautern and Tokaji”
and homemade Cantucci
(6 cl divided into three tasting glasses)

2 cl of Muffato della Sala – Intense and Floral
2 cl of Sautern – Chateau de Malle – Sweet, Persistent, Elegant
2 cl of Tokaij – Samuel Tinon – 5 Puttonyos – Sweet, Intense and Full bodied
15 €

Whisky “Japan vs Scotland”
with homemade sweet frivolities
(6 cl divided into three tasting glasses)

2 cl Akashi Whisky – Pleasant and smooth
2 cl of Finlaggan Old Reserve – Peat and delicate
2 cl Ballantruan – Intense peat and rich in floral aromas
15 €

“Grappa vs Armagnac and Cognac”
with a selection of Chocolates
(6 cl divided into three tasting glasses)

2 cl di Bas Armagnac VSOP Samalens
2 cl of Organic Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet 10 years old
2 cl Grappa Cleopatra Moscato Oro
14 €

What is Sauternes?

Sauternes white raisin wine from Chateau de Malle winery is obtained by a balanced and wise blend of Sémillion grape for 69%, Sauvignon grape for 28% and Muscadelle grape for the remaining 3%. Vineyards are located in the heart of Bordeaux region, precisely in the prestigious area of Sauternes, where these extraordinary raisin wines are produced, truly particular, as grapes are affected by the so called Muffa Nobile (Botritys Cinerea) which partially dries and dehydrates the bunch, while making them unique for aromas and flavors. In order to produce the wine, the production process is made with attention to details, since the harvest, during which the bunches are meticulously chosen, according to the degree of withering. It is a rule to go back to the vineyard at least 4 or 5 times in order to pick up the moldy (“muffata”) and dried grapes, in the best situation. After fermentation, the wine undergoes a long period of maturation which takes place in wooden barrels. The color at the end is deep gold, brilliant; the nose is very intense, elegant, persistent, very aromatic, especially with the passage of time because it is a very long-lived wine: in its early youth with fresh and citrus accents. Fine, elegant, full bodied, sweet and harmonic, well balanced and more mature as time goes by.

Sauternes – Château Haut Bergeron – Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Preignac – France
Sweet, Persistent, Elegant
10.00 €

What is Tokaji?

As it often happens, there is a legend which tells about a priest, in 1650, in charge of producing an excellent wine for the Loràntfly estate. Because of an attack of Turkish troops he found himself without men capable of harvesting the grapes. By now autumn had begun and molds were beginning to attack grapes. Once the battle was over, with the return of the workforce, the priest decided not to throw the grapes with mold, but to harvest them even though they were in bad shape. The wine produced remained in casks to rest until Easter. When it was opened and tasted for the first time during the festivities the result left everyone astonished. The production of Tokaji is done in two phases. In the best vintages, dried Aszù grapes are harvested several times as they are attacked by noble rot. The other bunches which are not butchered are left on the plant to dry until the end of November. From the butchered grapes is obtained a sort of must which will be added to the base wine previously obtained. This addition causes a refermentation which will produce Aszù wine. Additions are done by keeping as a unit of measure a basket called puttony, which has a capacity of 25 kg. To the base wine can be added up to 6 puttonyos every 136 liters, which is the capacity of the cask in which the wine is put. Obviously the more grapes are added by puttonyos, the sweeter and more alcoholic the final wine will be. Aszù’s paste is left for some days in casks, where it yields to the must its delicious sugars and aromas. After that, these casks are stored in the cellars dug in the lava rock under the mountain, where the temperature is kept constant all year round, around 10 degrees. Here, another mold, Cladosporium cellare, enters the scene and covers walls and barrels with a dark patina. Through the wood of these casks, the mold transmits to the wine particular molecules which increase the variety of its aromas and oxidizes it as if it were a Spanish Sherry from Jerez. The wine obtained in this way is called Tokaji, which means of the city of Tokaj.

Tokaji Aszu – Samuel Tinon – 5 Puttonyos
Olasszliszka – Hungary
Sweet, Intense and Full-bodied
12.00 €

What are botrytized wines?

The term “botrytised” is not associated by chance to this type of sweet raisin wine: the grapes in the vineyard are attacked by Botrytis cinerea (that is why they are also called “botrytised”), a particular strain of grey mould also known as “noble mould”. Noble because its arrival in the vineyard, which takes place only in certain conditions of humidity and ventilation, makes possible a magic spell of great charm for the producer and, above all, for the taster: this fungus attacks the grape depriving it of water in favor of a higher concentration of sugars and aromas. At this point the work of the winemaker gets harder and harder and, by manually intervening in the rows, he must take care of the harvest not only by selecting the bunches affected by Botrytis, but also the single berries for the most valuable labels.

Muffato from Castello della Sala – Antinori
Castello della Sala – Umbria
Sauvignon Blanc, Grechetto, Gewürztraminer and Riesling
6 Months of aging in Allier barriques
Intense and Floral
8.00 €

Florence from Muffato – Petreto
Fattoria Petreto – Rosano – Florence
12 months of aging in Allier barriques.
Notes of Dog Rose and Enveloping Taste
8.00 €


Porto LBV 2011
Quinta das Carvalhas – Portugal
One vintage only – 4 Years in Oak Barrels
Intense, velvety and long
6.00 €


Sherry Pedro Ximenez 12 Years
Jerez de la Frontera – Spain
Persistent and Sweet
4.00 €


Vin Santo of Chianti Classico DOC
Rocca di Montegrossi – Gaiole in Chianti

100% Malvasia Bianca
6 years and 4 months in oak, mulberry and cherry barrels
Dense, Creamy and Persistent
12.00 €

Vin Santo San Giusto in Rentennano
San Giusto a Rentennano – Gaiole in Chianti

90% Malvasia and 10% Trebbiano
6 years in chestnut and oak barrels
Dense, sweet and intense
12.00 €

Vin Santo of Chianti Classico DOC
Rocca di Castagnoli – Gaiole in Chianti

90% Malvasia and 10% Trebbiano
7 years in barrique plus 6 months in bottle
Consistent, Soft and Elegant
8.00 €

Vin Santo of Chianti DOC
Fattoria Poggio Alloro – San Gimignano

Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia, San Colombano
5 years in Caratello
Balanced, Soft with notes of Dry Fruit
4.00 €


Moscato d’Asti La Morandina – Cuneo
Soft and delicate bubbles with pleasant fresh notes of white peach
Bottle – 70 cl – 19.00 €
Bottle/Bottle – 37.5 cl – 12.00 €


Bas Armagnac “Millésime 1990” Brut de Fùte
Clos Martin – Guascona – France
Millésime 1989 is distilled from a single variety, “Folle Blanche”,
and comes from a single cask of the estate “Domaine de Courros”.
Floral, spicy with notes of oak, dried fruit and violet
11.00 €

Bas Armagnac VSOP
Samalens – Armagnac – France
8 years old oak barrels
Full bodied and soft
7.00 €


Quattrino Brandy
Distilleria Deta – Barberino Val d’Elsa
4 years in oak barrels
Sweet and hints of peach
4.50 €

Cognac with Pears
Francois Peyrot – Gondeville – France
14 kg of pears to produce a 0.70 cl bottle
2 years White Oak Barrels
Intense notes of Pears and Pleasantly Fresh Taste
4.50 €


Cognac “Très Vieux”
Jean Fillioux – Juillac-le-Coq – France

It is a blend of brandies aged more than 25 years.
Sweet spicy notes, immediate, long
12.00 €

Cognac “L’Organic” 10 Years – (Organic) – Grande Champagne
Jean Luc Pasquet – Charente – France

Great distillate created with organic concreteness
Distilled with indigenous yeast without using sulfites
Dry, elegant with notes of dried figs and spiced fruit
8.50 €

Cognac VSOP – Grande Fine Champagne
Francois Peyrot – Gondeville – France

Aged 12 years in Barriques
Round, Soft and Enchanting
6.50 €


Calvados Pays d’Auge 1986 – 30 Years (1986-2016)
Giard – Grandouet – Cambremer – France

A rare edition of a great vintage 1986.
An authentic and unequalled example of balance and harmony
14.00 €

Calvados VSOP
Chateau du Breuil – Calvados – France

4 years oak wood
Fresh, Tonic, Refined
5.00 €

Rare Rum Limited Editions – Precious Blends

Rare Rum – HSE Millésime “1960” – Martinique
This historic spirit is truly part of the walls of Habitation Saint Etienne, having been found at the time of the purchase of the house by the Hayot family in 1994. Analyses in the oenology laboratory fix the date of distillation in 1960. This rum is aged in an oak barrel for more than twenty years. Perfectly balanced, the taste on the palate is marked by a delicately sugary sweetness.
50 €

Ron Centenario 30 Years – Costa Rica
Awarded in 2011 as “Best distillate of the year”.
Aged over 30 years with Solera System
Full of sweetness, lightness and balance
15 €

Ron Millonario “Reserva Especial” – Peru
Produced thanks to the secret blending of 20 year old vintages
Elegant and velvety sweetness with hints of dark chocolate
13 €

Rum Nation Selezione “Panama 21 Years Black Edition” – Panama
A unique blend created by master blender Don Francisco Fernandez
Obtained from distillation with sugar cane molasses
Aged 21 years in American wood barrels
Elegant, soft, fresh and velvety
13 €

Rum Unhiq XO – Malt Rum – Solera Method – Cuba – 31 Years old
The term “Malt rum” was apparently used in the old days of Cuba to describe the best and most aromatic rums. Aged 31 years in old bourbon barrels, made in Cuba and distilled in Santo Domingo. Vanilla and cinnamon nose with sweet, complex and smooth taste.
15 €

Diplomatico Single Vintage – Venezuela
The various starts of rum are distilled separately in ancient stills then they are aged in bourbon and single malt barrels. After the aging process the Master Blender carefully blends the rum to obtain the structure, body, personality, flavors and aromas he is looking for. Finally, the rum is placed in Spanish sherry barrels, giving it the perfect finish.
Rich olfactory bouquet with a generous and powerful taste
13 €

Kirk and Sweeney – 23 Years – Dominican Republic
After spending 23 years in the barrel, this rum is pleasantly complex, offering a rich evolution on the palate, from sweet and fresh sensations to dried fruit, after each sip you will find notes ranging from a distinct caramel, to a balanced blend of almonds and vanilla.
11 €

Conde de Cuba “Media Luna” – 15 years old
After spending a first part of their maturation in the Dominican Republic, they are transported to Spanish warehouses in El Puerto de Santa Maria where they rest and age in oak barrels that have previously contained Sherry Oloroso. Cuban style Ron with notes of wood, spices, coffee, light spicy notes, Bourbon finish
10 €

Plantation – Jamaica
10 years old Bourbon Barrels and 3 years old Cognac Barrels
Rustic and Intense
7.00 €

Rum of Japan

Rum Ryoma
Produced by Kikusui in the village of Kohi on Shikoku Island
Aged 7 years in white oak barrels
Very floral with typical notes of agricultural rums
8.00 €

Rum of El Salvador

Ron Maja 12 Years
Rum distilled in column stills.
Aging takes place in American white oak barrels,
where the bourbon was aged.
Tasty, intense and seductive
7.00 €

Guyana Rum

Rum Demerara Guyana – Limited Edition
Produced in English Guyana
Double ageing in Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry barrels
Complex and smooth rum with nice notes of smoked, wood, coffee
7.00 €

Rum Single Vintage – Single Vintage Rum

Plantation – Barbados
11 years Bourbon Barrels and 2 years Cognac Barrels
Elegant and Exotic
7.00 €

Plantation – Trinidad
8 years old Bourbon barrels and 4 years old Cognac barrels
Spicy, Intense, Woody
7.00 €

Plantation – Fiji
7 years old Bourbon barrels and 3 years old Cognac barrels
Intense, Aromatic, Exotic
7.00 €

What is Agricole Rum?

The term “agricole rum” indicates a rum which, as opposed to industrial products obtained from molasses, is exclusively obtained by the fermentation of pure sugar cane juice, also known as “miel virgen”, which gives origin to a distillate generally drier, with a stronger and rougher taste also known as “wild”.

Rhum Vieux Agricole Cuvée “Homère” Clément – Martinique
Cuvée Homère is a blend of the best vintages of the last 15 years, and bears the name of the founder of Clément Distillery,
who was the inventor of Rhum Agricole. Once blended it ages 6 years in oak casks
Dominant Vanilla and Fruity Notes, Persistent and Refined
14.00 €

Clement XO – Martinique
Aged 6 years in oak barrels
Intense and Soft
9.00 €

Clement VSOP – Martinique
4 years in Bourbon barrels
Harmonious and Spicy
6.00 €

What is solera method?

The soleras method or criaderas y soleras is a system for the aging of rum, brandy and fortified wines. It consists in arranging oak casks in rows one upon another “in pyramid”, starting to fill only the highest casks. After one year a part of the contents is poured in the casks which are at the lower level, and the higher ones are filled with the new wine, rum or brandy, and the process is repeated every year. In this way the wine which is in the casks at the bottom (called solera), is ready for consumption, made of grapes of different vintages, and it is enriched with particular flavors.

Rum Dos Maderas 5+5
3 years American Oak 2 years Sherry casks
Guyana Barbados and Jerez de la Frontera
Sweet notes, Vanilla and Raisins
6.00 €

Rum Cubaney “Selecto” 18 Years
Born in Cuba and produced in Santo Domingo
18 years in oak
Soft and Enveloping
7.00 €

Cubaney Rum “Exquisito” 21 Years
Born in Cuba and produced in Santo Domingo
21 years in Oak
Soft and Tasty
9.00 €

Rum Cubaney “Tesoro” 25 Years
Born in Cuba and produced in Santo Domingo
25 years in Oak
Soft and Complex
11.00 €

Rum Botran 18 Years
Born in Guatemala
18 Years in casks where American Whiskey and Sherry were aged In the final stage it is aged in barrels where Port was aged
Elegant and Round
7,00 €

Non Peated Whisky

Glengoyne 18 Years
Scotch Whisky – Single Malt

Glengoyne Distillery, Dumgoyne, Killearn, Glasgow
Aged in Spanish barrels used for aging Sherry
Pleasant notes of red apples, marzipan and citrus marmalade
11.00 €

Benromach Organic (Bio)
Scotch – Single Malt

Forres – Speyside – Scotland
Fresh, Wood Notes, Spices
8.00 €

Glencadam 10 Years
Scotch – Single Malt

Brechin – Speyside – Scotland
95/100 by Jim Murray – Unfiltered
Creamy, Smooth, Floral
7.80 €

Ancnoc 12 Years
Scotch – Single Malt

Knock – Speyside – Scotland
94.5/100 by Jim Murray
Light and sweet
7.50 €

Japanese Whisky
Akashi Japanese Blended

White Oak Distillery – Akashi – Japan
A blend between “malt whisky” and “grain whisky”.
Sweet and Spicy
7.00 €

What is The Whisky Peated?

It is a natural product made of organic material in decomposition which is created in cold and rich of water soils such as lakes and marshes, places particularly present in the Hebrides islands in Scotland, peat is the first stage of the formation of coal.

How is peated whisky produced?

In order to make whisky it is necessary to obtain germinated barley in order to obtain a must to be distilled and then aged. Once barley is germinated (after having been soaked in water for some days) it is dried in proper ovens in order to stop germination, and it is in this phase that peat is used because some distilleries use it to feed the ovens with which they dry the germinated cereal, the fumes of peat enrich malt with aromas that can be found even after many decades in whisky.

Characteristics and differences?

Peat enriches whisky with smoky aromas but leaves all the other aromas and flavors of whisky unaltered and moreover there are different degrees of peat, in fact not all whiskies are peat whiskies in the same way.

Wilson e Morgan – Caol Ila – 1st Fill Bourbon
Scotch – Single Malt

Speyside Glenlivet – Scotland
Limited edition aged for 10 years
Harmonious with rich notes of smoke, citrus and hints of sea herbs
8.00 €

Finlaggan Old Reserve “Peaty Islay”
Scotch – Single Mal

Isle of Islay – Scotland
Age and Aging are secrets as well as the distillery
Sweet notes of smoke, toasted oak and spices
6.00 €

Irish Whiskey

West Cork 10 Years – Single Malt
Skibbereen – Ireland

10 years old oak barrel ex bourbon
Pungent, Complex, Persistent
7.00 €

West Cork – Bourbon Cask
Skibbereen – Ireland

Aged in ex bourbon oak casks, secret period
Smooth, Soft and hints of Vanilla
6.00 €

Grappas Aged in Wood

Grappa di Brunello Castello di Banfi – First Grapes Selection
The distillation is done at low temperature, in copper stills operated under vacuum in bain-marie. The obtained distillate is then aged in small casks, previously used for Brunello di Montalcino wine.
Round, Persistent, Prestigious
14.00 €

Brown Label Grappa
I Balzini – Barberino Val d’Elsa

18 Months in Oak Barrels
Fragrant, Elegant, Soft
5.00 €

Grappa Cleopatra Moscato Oro
Jacopo Poli – Schiavon – Bassano del Grappa

Aged in Oak Barrels
Euganean Hills Muscat Grappa
Soft, Clean, Extremely Elegant
6.00 €

Chianti Grappa Reserve
Distilleria Deta – Barberino Val d’Elsa

5.00 €

Grappa of Chianti Classico – Mazzei
Castle of Fonterutoli – Castellina in Chianti

Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Year in Oak Barriques
Dry, Robust, Elegant
5.00 €

Grappasessanta – Mazzei
Noto – Syracuse – Sicily

Full proof – Fullproof 60°
Powerful and Complex
6.00 €

White Grappas

White Grappa of Zibibbo – Donnafugata Vineyards – Pantelleria
The fragrant Zibibbo grapes from Pantelleria’s Donnafugata vineyards are the raw material for this delicate distillate. Pressing is soft and fermentation is controlled. The distillation is carried out in exclusive copper boule stills, operating under vacuum at low temperature.
Soft, Intense with notes of Dry Fruit
14 €

Tignanello Grappa
Marchese Antinori – Tignanello Estate

Sangiovese and Cabernet
Soft and Aromatic
7.00 €

Grappa of Brunello di Montalcino
Distilleria Deta – Barberino Val d’Elsa
5.00 €

Grappa of Moscato – Poli
Jacopo Poli – Schiavon – Bassano del Grappa

Grape pomace from Moscato Fior d’Arancio and Moscato Bianco grapes
Citrusy and Soft
5.00 €

Chianti Grappa
Distilleria Deta – Barberino Val d’Elsa
4.00 €

March 8th
Serata Spensierata tra Amiche

Una serata tra amiche, in un ambiente tranquillo
per passare una serata all’insegna della spensieratezza.