Osteria Menu

The Art of Simplicity

Homemade Pasta
the pasta is made with stone-ground and bronze-drawn flour
made with stone-ground flour and baked in a wood-burning oven
Meat on the grill
The grill is made at the moment in the wood oven with Tuscan wood
The Beef
The one We work is the selection Garronese
Homemade desserts
with real eggs and natural ingredients

Blackboard and seasonal ingredients

In addition to the menu, inside the rooms of the Osteria there are blackboards where daily dishes are suggested using seasonal ingredients.

Porcini Mushrooms Corner

Sliced red chicken with bare neck, grilled Cinelli di Montespertoli selection with caps of porcini mushrooms
21.00 €

Sliced beef with porcini mushroom caps
23.00 €

Beef fillet with porcini mushroom caps
29.00 €

Grilled cep caps
8.00 €


Red onion flan with pecorino cream and walnuts
9.00 €

Grilled local pecorino cheese with walnuts
9.00 €

Beef tartare “Casa Chianti”
10.00 €

“La Bischera” salad
Mixed salad with tomatoes, carrots, pecorino cheese, fennel, olives
9.00 €

Selection of country bruschetta
8.00 €

“The Tuscan”
with a selection of local cold cuts, mixed croutons
11.00 €

“Mixed Chopping Board”
with a selection of local cold cuts, mixed croutons, local pecorino cheese
13.00 €

First courses with homemade pasta

Tagliatelle alla povera, with red onion, capocollo and sage
11.00 €

Pici with norcino meat sauce
11.00 €

Meat on the grill

Grilled red chicken “naked neck”, selection Cinelli of Montespertoli
16.00 €

Pigeon on the grill selection Cinelli of Montespertoli
21.00 €

Sliced beef with “Tuscan salt and herbs”
18.00 €

Sliced beef with stewed onions “Casa Chianti” recipe
19.00 €

Grilled fillet of beef with “Tuscan herb salt”
24.00 €

The original Florentine steak (min 2 people)
4.50 € (100 gr)
+13€ for the addition of 20 gr of fresh truffle on the steak

Side dishes

Onions under ashes
5.00 €

“Real” potatoes baked in wood oven with rosemary and garlic
6.00 €

Grilled Porcini Mushrooms
8.00 €

Homemade Desserts

Lemon Tart
6.00 €

Chocolate Delight
6.00 €

Pavesino School Tiramisu
6.00 €

Tris Chianti House
9.00 €

The glotton
(two people)
15.00 €

Homemade Cantuccini

Homemade Cantuccini
5.00 €

Cantuccini with Vin Santo “Poggio Alloro” – San Gimignano
9.00 €

Cantuccini with Vin Santo “Rocca di Castagnoli” – Gaiole in Chianti
13.00 €

Cantuccini with Vin Santo “Rocca di Montegrossi” – Gaiole in Chianti
16.00 €

March 8th
Serata Spensierata tra Amiche

Una serata tra amiche, in un ambiente tranquillo
per passare una serata all’insegna della spensieratezza.